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In the recent years an unprecedented effort has been made to increase the rates of childhood immunization in resource poor countries. However, in some regions it has proven difficult to achieve optimal levels of immunization mainly because of issues concerning communication, management and poor utilization of resources. Recent studies have questioned the validity of available vaccine coverage data and the way they are collected.

The VACCINESURVEY consortium proposes to develop and validate an innovative tool to monitor the progress of different vaccination programs and experimentally validate record-based coverage data. The proposed technical solution is based on an assay system that integrates multiplex capability and analytical performance to simultaneously quantify antibody levels against the major vaccine components, and will include both automation and wireless connectivity to produce spatial-temporal coordinates of individual determinations.

The multiplex capability will facilitate the analysis of cross coverage monitoring while generating reactivity profiles against the different vaccine components to discriminate vaccinated versus infected individuals. The spatial temporal coordinates produced by the assay results will be used to generate interactive data sets for modelling changes in the age-specific risk of infection and the risk of outbreaks.